Swimming Accessories Manufacturer and Supplier, India

Swimming is a kind of aquatic sport that is played in water and here the main objective of players is to beat the competitors in any given event.

These are the different styles of swimming:

  1. Freestyle
  2. Backstroke
  3. Breakstroke
  4. Butterfly

To follow all these styles of swimming sport, players need to use some swimming accessories. For this we manufacture wide varieties of Swimming Accessories and these are as follows:

Swimming Ear Plug :These ear plugs are made of PVC moulded and they are available as 3 pcs in a box. Ear plugs are considered as very important part of swimming because it prevents water to enter inside the ear.
Swimming Ear Plug
Diving Sticks : These sticks are rigid in nature and they are PVC sticks. The best thing about these sticks is they stand upright when dropped in the pool. Diving Sticks are available in different color and also considered as the swimming accessory used to improvise swimming.

Diving Sticks

Swim Caps : Swimming Caps are made of quality latex rubber with weight 30 gm. It is available in different colors. The main purpose of using swimming caps is to protect hairs from hair fall and keep them relatively dry or free from chlorinated water.
Swim Caps
Ring Shot : These shots are the perfect playing equipment used at the time of doing swimming. It helps to improve co-ordination, balance, power and strength. These shots are made of quality and soft PVC.

Ring Shot

Diving Ring : These rings are made of best quality and soft PVC tubes and they are printed with numbers 1 to 4. All rings are available in different assorted colors and helps to improve co-ordination, balance, power and strength.
Diving Ring

Swimming Ring and Telephone Quoits: The special swimming ring is designed to play throwing game while swimming. This ring is made of best quality PVC and available is different assorted colors. It also helps to improve eye-hand co-ordination as well as balance.

Swimming Ring and Telephone Quoits

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