IAAF Approved Athletics Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier

Bhalla International Vinex is world renowned, leading and foremost manufacturer, supplier and distributor for high quality IAAF Certified Athletics Equipment. Bhalla International have extensive range of athletics equipment such as discus, hammer, crossbar, discus, high jump landing pits, high jump stand, hurdles, shot put, javelin, relay baton, starting blocks, track and field equipment and accessories that cover an athletic need and these equipment can be used for training and competition purposes. Bhalla International is highly dedicated to supply of sports equipment and services to clients at best price by maintaining cost effectiveness through efficient business procedures.

List of All Athletics Equipment

Athletics Discus: Athletics discus is used to thrown by an athlete aiming for the greatest distance. Bhalla International has a wide range of IAAF Certified athletics discus that made with best quality raw material and can be used for training and competition purposes.

Athletics Hammer: At Bhalla International, we have stock the highest quality IAAF Approved / Certified Hammer that used in competitions and training purposes. Our athletics hammer accessories include; hammer, handles, gloves, wires, throwing hammer chain, throwing circles, discus and hammer throwing cages.

Shot Put: The Shot Put is used in track and field events to throwing or putting a heavy metal ball as far as possible. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of complete range of IAAF Approved/Certified Shot Put for competition and training purpose. Vinex Shot Put is available in different diameter and weights.

Relay Baton: Relay Baton made with aluminum pipe smoothly turned from both the end which is passed from each relay runner to the next runner (same team) within a certain zone. Vinex Relay Baton is IAAF Approved and available in different color.

Javelin: Javelin is athletics equipment that is used in track and field events to thrown by an athletic at the longest distance. Bhalla International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of different types of javelins. These javelins are made of hardened best quality Dura aluminum and its head is made of stainless steel to improve durability. The best part about these javelins is they are IAAF Approved/Certified and available in different weights and designed specifically for long distance throws, for use in high-level competitions.

Crossbars: At Bhalla International, you will get complete range of crossbar like IAAF Approved fiber glass crossbar, steel or aluminum folding crossbar and elastic crossbar that made as per official specification and rules.

Hurdle: Hurdle is athletics equipment needed in track and field events, used as a light weighted portable barrier over which competitors must leap in certain races. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of different variety of Hurdles as per the IAAF specifications.

Field Carts: Field carts is used to carry and store athletic equipment like Javelins, Discus, Shot Put, Athletic Hurdle, Starting Blocks, Hammer and many more.

Starting Blocks: Starting blocks are essential to obtain a consistent sprint start. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of IAAF Approved starting blocks for beginners as well as for professionals.

Pole Vault Pit: Pole vaulting is used in track and field events where an Athlete uses a long, flexible pole as an aid to leap over a bar and Pole Vault Pit is the object on which Athlete takes landing on it. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of IAAF Certified Pole Vault Pits that made of best quality non-tear water proof thick fabric and P.U. foam.

High Jump Stand: High Jump Stand is the equipment used in high jump athletic event in which competitors jump over a horizontal bar placed at measured height without the aid of any device. We have wide range of the highest quality IAAF Approved / Certified High Jump Stand that used for competitions and training purpose.

Track and Field Equipment:Bhalla International is a foremost and leading manufacturer and supplier of IAAF approved track and field equipment like Finish Post, Pole Vault Box, Take-Off Board System, Shot Toe Board, Throwing Circle, Track Kerbing, Starter Clapper, Performance Indicator and many more.

Track and Field Accessories: Track and Field Accessories plays an important role in any kind of athletics sports. At Bhalla international, you will get complete range of IAAF Approved Track and Field Accessories like Measuring Tape, Umpire Stool, Lane Markers, Pennant Streamers, Field Markers, Official Flags, Competition Paper Nos. and many more.

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