Complete Products Offered By Bhalla International - Vinex
Agility and Speed Training Equipment: There is a complete range of Agility and Speed Training Equipment like Agility Hoops, Agility Hurdles, Ladders, Slalom Poles, Speed and Resistance Training, Speed Reaction Balls, Training Arcs, Training Equipment and Other Training Kits.

Athletics-Track and Field Equipment: Find a large range of Athletics Equipment like Athletics Discus, Crossbar, Discus/Hammer Cage, Field Carts, High Jump Pit, Hammer, High Jump Stands, Hurdle, Indoor Shot, Javelin, Javelin Training, Pole Vault Pit, Pole Vault Stand, Relay Baton, Shot, Starting Block, Track and Field Accessories and Equipment.

Sports Balls: Quality material made balls for indoor and outdoor usage like Fun Balloon Balls, Giant Balls and Kidee Balls.

Basketball Equipment and Accessories: Complete range of Basketball Equipment and Accessories like Basketball, Basketball Backboard, Basketball Post, Complete Basketball System and Quality Basketball Ring.

Beach Toys: At our online sporting goods store find huge range of beach toys made of quality material like beach shovel, beach Bucket, Sand Hands and Cloth Covered Balloon.

Board Games: Find complete range of Board Games made of quality material for indoor and outdoor usage like Chess Board, Crossword, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders Set and Tic Tac Toe.

Boxing Equipment and Accessories: There is complete range of Boxing Equipment and Accessories like Boxing Accessories (Boxing Head Guard, Coacher Pad, Gloves, Punching Bag, Speed Balls and Complete Junior Boxing Kit) and Boxing Ring.

Coaching Clipboards: Quality material made Coaching Clipboards made of acrylic sheet with one dry erase marker, available in multi colors with magnet. Best designed for the purpose of usage at the time of training and competition purpose.

Cricket Equipment and Accessories: We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of complete range of cricket equipment and accessories like Cricket Ball made of PVC, Cricket Training Set, Stump Set and Cricket Bat.

Elementary Sports Equipment: A large range of elementary sports equipment like elementary shot, Hammer, Foam Javelin, Javelin Ball, Discus, Carrying Bag and many more.

Flying Disc and Ring: Complete range of Flying Disc and Ring made of soft quality material and available in different colors for indoor usage.

Sports Apparel: At this sporting goods store find a large range of sports apparel like Sports Bibs, Scrimages, Sports Pinnies, T-Shirts and Track Suits.

Football and Soccer Accessories: At our online sporting goods store you will find complete varieties of Football and Soccer Training Equipment like Penalty Dummy Wall, Lanyards, Referee Accessories, Soccer Cones and Field Markers, Soccer Flags and Whistles.

Gymnastic Equipment: At our online sporting goods store, you can find complete range of Gymnastic Equipment like Pole Vaulting Box, Vaulting Table, Gym Bench, Pommel Horse, Vaulting Horse and many more.

Golf Accessories: Find complete range of Golf Accessories like Putters, Golf Carrying Bucket, Golf Tees made of plastic, Golf Tees made of PVC, Pitching Net & Frame and Golf Putting Equipment.

Goals Post - All Types: At this store you can find a large range of Goals for all type of sports like Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey, Soccer, Soccer Rugby, Soccer Training Posts and Target and Pop-Up Goals.

Gym Equipment and Accessories: Complete range of Fitness and Gym Equipment at our online sporting goods store like Fitness Equipment, Kettle Balls, Medicine Balls and Skipping Ropes, all are best designed for indoor and outdoor purpose to maintain fitness level.

Carrom Board:  Find Quality wooden made Carrom Board with its all accessories like Carrommen, Carrom Striker and Carrom Powder.
Gym and Crash Mats: Find varieties of Activity Mats, Gym and Crash Mats and different Shapes Mats made of soft quality material.

Miscellaneous Sports Equipment: Get different varieties of other sports like Hockey Pucks, Balls, Shuttlecock, Score Board, Three Legged Race Tie and Ribbon Bands.

Netball Equipment: Different range of Netball Posts and Netball Rings you can find here for the usage in different games competitions and practice purpose.

Nets: A large range of Sports Nets you can find here made of quality material for indoor and outdoor usage. Best designed for practice and competition purpose.

Playground Equipment: A large range of Playground Equipment like Swing Super, Merry Go Round, See Saw Super, See Saw Classic and See Saw Portable.

Primary Education & Sports Equipment: Find complete range of primary educational equipment like Brain Booster Games, Educational Bean Bags, Bean Sofa, Boards, Educational Charts, Mats and Educational Spots and Coins. You can also find different varieties of Primary Sports Equipment like Board Games, Fleece Balls, Floor Marker, Jumping Sacks, Parachutes, Team Bands and Sheep Balls.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment: There is a complete range of Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment like Hoops Ultra Strong, Colored Hoops Premium, Hoops Regular, Hoops Multi Color Premium, Juggling Ring and Many more.

Sports Facility Equipment: Quality material made Sports Canopy, Team Shelter and Umpire Chair, Best designed for the purpose of usage in training and competition purpose.

Storage and Carrying Accessories: At this online sporting goods store find different varieties of storage and carrying accessories like Sports Storage Bags, Sports Water Bottles, Storage Baskets and Storage Cart.

Table Tennis Table Equipment: At our online sports accessories store find TTFI Approved or Certified Table Tennis Table with its all necessary accessories.

Tents and Tunnels: We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality material made tents and tunnels, best designed for the purpose of entertainment.

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